Builder asking for Insurance coverage

I have a builder that is asking the agent for a copy of my license and insurance “naming Dream Finders Homes as additional insured with $1 million coverage”

I have provided insurance info before, but does anyone know what they mean by naming them as additional insured?

Hi Justin. When another entity is named as an additional insured that simply means that they are covered specifically under your insurance policy. It is their property and they have that right.

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Just call or email your insurance agent. They can provide that for you instantly. It’s a normal request from builders.

A certificate holder. Couldn’t do that in Ohio. Not sure about Texas but I’m sure other Texas inspectors will chime in.

Very common in new construction. some want to listed as Certificate Holder, others want to be Additional Insured.
My carrier has an online form for those requests.

Thanks to all!

As others have said.
I have Southern Preferred (Don Nixon) & they email me one within minutes when needed. Certificate of Insurance is what we call it. I also have a blank copy that I shoot to the builders. Most of the time that satisfies them.

Dream Finders has yet to request one from me. Most of their homes that I do are in Orchard Ridge. Hell, even Drees hasn’t requested one yet.

Taylor Morrison has really been the only stickler. Some of the Wilshire homes, too. Depends upon the subdivision.

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