Builder is MAD

I called out for buyer to get the builder or an engineer tosign off on the air handler unit being hung from the truss system. Builder is not happy.
The trusses were not size to hold any equipment, only roof and ceiling, will it bring down the house, no.
How does every one look at this issue?

Sounds like you made the right call.

It’s not really your issue if he has a problem with it. If he can show design approval it’s all good. If he can’t, he needs to fix it.

99% of the air handlers here are in the attic either on an equipment deck or hanging from the truss.

If you called it out the builder should be able to easily produce the engineered drawings supporting his installation.:slight_smile:


“Builder is mad.”

Yeah! Duhh!

But only because you caught him.

Great work. Keep it up.

Have only seen one (lately) that was hung from the trusses and was okay.

Builder had the engineered drawings to prove it. I was not just hung, there was additional bracing and ‘purlins’ (for lack of a better description) added.

I almost didn’t call it out… knew I’d feel a little stupid if it was okay… but I’ve been right the 4 or 5 others I’ve called out…

If you’re unsure refer it…:slight_smile: