Altered By builder

This truss was altered by the original builder to accomodate the HVAC system.


This doesn’t look like an engineered fix. I would note that the truss was modified and suggest that your client request the paperwork. If it can’t be provided then an engineer needs to be called out.

Tim; I agree with Curtis, that little piece of scabb that I see will not cut it for a fix.

Some of these chord members are in compression or tension, so with it cut, something has to give.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply guys, That was my take on it as well. I may have been mistaken though, I heard that the HVAc contractor made the alteration…

That’s what I thought, I have seen a few HVAC technician alterations which stunned $!@*@ the super :mad: .