Building Industry Resource Website

Practically every day someone comes on the message board looking for information on equipment; dates, manufacturers data, etc for HVAC, water heaters, etc.

This is a website I have had in my favorites for years. It is the most exhaustive site I have ever seen for not just that information but for many, many of the other kinds of questions inspectors, particularly NEW inspectors often ask.

Additionally, down the left side of the site is a small box listing ALL current and updated CPSC recalls. Not just for home items, but ALL consumer items. It is completely FREE…thats right free! This site is great for inspectors, home owners, contractors. You could spend hours going thru the various areas of the site. There is even a NEWS section with hundreds if not thousands of tips for how to keep and maintain your home and its equipment.

There is a link where you can add the CPSC to your own website.

I highly recommend every inspector save it to their favorites and pass it out to their clients. Make it a note somewhere within the footnotes of your reports. It saves you a lot of time and helps those new homeowners figure out how to eliminate a lot of costly call backs and maintenance service calls.

Thanks Doug good one … Roy

You can bookmark it on your phone and it will have a button for HVAC and Water Heaters

I have had this site bookmarked for two years now. It is an excellent resource. I just added it to my phone. Thanks Doug and Troy.