Buried/Leaking Fuel tank

Was wondering who should my client to call to further evaluate/remove a buried fuel tank that is currently leaking & contaminating the soil above it?

Thanks in advance.

Often the local oil suppler can help you find someone.

Check your state regs on buried fuel tanks.

It can get pricy with contamination of the soil.

Proceed with caution.

Thanks for the info & help, much appreciated!!

Jerry take keen note to the gas stations around you, state regs are requiring them to replace all their single wall inground tanks by 2014, alot of them around here are done by a local company Adams Tank and Lift, so if you’re driving by a gas station and see a tank uproot job, jot their info down in your cell phone. Just something I’ve done locally but Barry thanks for the EPA link, good stuff.

Thanks Glenn, way to think outside the box. =)