Burnham furnace age?

Can anyone give me info as to how to interpret the Serial Number on a Burnham NG boiler?


Locate a dealer and ask…

From Glenn Stanton, field rep for Burnham:

"*The serial numbers of our boilers are basically sequential, meaning that the last four digits really have nothing to do with the month or year of manufacture. The serial number should be on the silver label on the side or front of the boiler. The serial number should be 8 numbers. Some of the older numbers only had 7 digits and those are not trackable because it was before we began tracking numbers via computer. [For manufacture dates] *speak with Customer Service "

I came across a boiler on Friday, that had the “primary” ID plate on the boiler with a SN of 7685610 (7 digits). Then just over the SN location, another silver/metal label was stuck on it with SN 12008424 (8 digits). This overlaid label was starting to come off and that’s why I knew there were other numbers underneath. It appeared that this second label was factory applied, but not entirely sure.

If I interpret the numbers correctly, the first set of 7 digit numbers would give me a mfd of 1985. The second set of 8 digits would give me a mfd of 2000. This looked to be more correct. The furnace didn’t appear to be over 20 years old, although I suppose I could be fooled.

Is it a Furnace or a Boiler?

I’m sorry, I should watch that. I was being a little too casual with my speech. It’s a boiler.

Can I please get some help finding age of Burnham P-205A-WNI

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