Business for sale

Hello All
So after 7 years of doing home inspections my health is causing me to take another path in life. This has led me to need to sell all or part of my business. I have a great website on front top of page and shows in google maps under the most key search terms. I also have equipment which can be sold in total or separately (computer with software (owned), Thermal Infrared Flirb50, flashlights, extend and climb ladder, moisture meter, and some other misc. Located in Boise, ID. If you know someone who is wanting to start a new HI business, wants to expand or is wanting to transfer, this is a great opportunity cheap. The website location and traffic is worth it alone…Price for the business is 6k total or will separate website name or equipment. You can email or call if there are questions. Thank you 208-982-5335

Robert, email me at I’ll hook you up with a staffer who might be able to get you the list of student members in Boise.

Sorry to hear about your health Robert. I’m sure at that price it will sell very quickly.

Best to you and your business should be worth more then 6K.

must be busy, selling for a weeks wages.

If you’re making 6k a week I need to come to see you for a few weeks, that’s more than twice what i’m doing.

He has a large staff. Multi-inspector company.

Not a large staff, 2 inspectors work for me. No one else hired…My inspectors make $2k+ a week, I am hiring…

So 6k a week… 3 inspectors that is 2k a week in wages. Well 2 inspectors that make 2k+ That means less than 2k for a weeks wages.

We do 25 Inspections a week at average of $440 a inspection. . Both Inspector do 10 each a week. Me 3-6. They make half. Add that up. Wish I had 10 inspectors. I had a third Inspector. But he moved. Tough loss,

At no point am I trying to brag, on the contrary, I have had a very difficult time trying to add inspectors when I have the work. Just signed on to this post when someone was selling a $6k business. I guess as Nick suggested, could be good start for a newbie.

Wish u quick recovery