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I do realize that a few membes are waiting for a business plan from me… However, I lost a bunch of e-mails this week. So if you could possible e-mail your request this week and I will see about finishing them up over my time of rest next week.


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While you’re waiting for your Business plan from Gary, I’ve got some advice.

Think competitively. You're probably going to have serious HI competition no matter how creative your business concept is. That is why you need to think competitively throughout your business plan. You need to realistically identify where you will do things in similar manner as your competitors, where you will do things differently, where you have real strengths and where you have real weaknesses. To try to run a major aspect of your HI business significantly better than your competitors may be a very difficult challenge. Hence, you are often better to focus in planning on being different than your competition and competing with them less directly.

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