Buy Back Program Now Protects Participating Members

LOL. OK. I’ll get a PIC of the giant check too.

Nick was once salivating for the opportunity to show the big check.

What changed?

Maybe none of the five home inspectors want their name in the spotlight. I know I sure wouldn’t.

I’ll get a PIC of a the check. It’s fine. It’s just been done to death and doesn’t really tell the story.

What I’m going to get is a video testimonial, pseudo documentary style. Kind of like this one we recently produced for a different purpose:

Nobody takes time for a video.

Everybody loves BIG CHECKS :):):slight_smile:

OK. You re-sold me.

Here you go Bob

Cool now put my head on it.:mrgreen:

Send check to my home address.

Nice image Frank. I added to bottom of

Cool :cool:

Thanks for that.

At least you finally admit it, although at your age you won’t remember it for very long. :blank:

At least you came up with a come back did someone help you. You should be more careful you will end up in Busharts playground:twisted:

His signature is at the bottom of those cheques…

Hey Nick,
Looks like a great idea and marketing tool.
Just for kicks, I know inspectors are indemnified and just so I/we have the answer for agents who ask or before they ask. Are agents/brokers in the transaction also indemnified for same protections?

Thanks much,

Yes. And we re-list the home with the agent that recommended the participating InterNACHI member so that he/she keeps on referring business to participating members.

Mr. Bushart was an asset to InterNACHI!

Charley, members, James is in good health, successful with his latest endeavor, and doing very well.

After only 4-years, he has made a name for himself in the insurance industy, achieved continued & steady business and financial growth, that many would love to achieve, and looks forward to continued success.

I am quite certain NACHI help propel him to the heights he has achieved.

Idea, maybe we can have Jeff and James trade places.
Someone start a feasibility poll.:slight_smile:

Your the bloody king mate!
Listen to Condo Bob.
Bigger is better.

Well maybe not that big but you get the idea.

And you wonder why you keep getting your s-h-i-t jumped! You bring it all upon yourself with asinine posts like this!

“You reap what you sow…”!