An amazing "We'll Buy Your Home Back" Guarantee story. Unbelievable but true!

This year, a participating member in InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee inspected a home at 509 N. 40th Street in Council Bluffs, IA. It’s a very nice home with a detached garage and our InterNACHI member did a good inspection on it, but the consumer had buyer’s remorse and simply wanted out. He started complaining about trivial items so we offered to buy the home back. You can imagine how happy our InterNACHI member was. And you can imagine how happy the consumer was.

InterNACHI bought the home back for full price. We used the agent who originally recommended our participating member as our buyer’s agent so that agent got a second commission check! You can imagine how happy the agent was.

The next morning InterNACHI listed the home with the very same agent and the home sold. So the agent that recommended our participating member got a third commission check! You can imagine how happy the agent was for a third time.

We sold the home by announcing it on InterNACHI’s message board along with an offer to carry the financing for anyone who wanted it.

Surprisingly, a second participating member in InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee bought the home.

InterNACHI paid for the minor repairs. You can imagine how happy he was.

InterNACHI carried 100% of the financing for that InterNACHI member. You can imagine how happy he was.

InterNACHI also only charged only 4%. You can imagine how happy he was.

InterNACHI also required nothing down. He bought the home with zero cash. You can imagine how happy he was.

InterNACHI also paid all the closing costs for both sides (more than $6,000.00). You can imagine how happy he was.

InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee. It’s not just a Win-Win-Win anymore… it’s now a Win-Win-Win-Win!


That’s pretty incredible!



Wow! Very nice!

Way to Go Nick.

Dan Bowers, CMI

Would be nice to share this like a article besides taking screenshot

Resistance really is futile!

I have been debating whether or not to post this experience on the forum, but since Nick has posted this, I would like to share my side of this experience from my perspective…
I am the member who bought this home from InterNACHI. Everything Nick said is 100% true, but he did forget to mention that he included a 1 year home warranty with the home as well.
I am still a little in shock that the deal went as smooth and easy as it did. On top of that, the fact that I just bought an investment property in other state.

Here are some things that I learned during this transaction that I feel are very valuable to my inspection business and may be of value to yours. I think its good for all us to be put in the buyers shoes every now and then.

  1. When I needed an inspector in Council Bluffs I called around 6-8 inspectors in Iowa and Nebraska. Only two answered their phone.

  2. I do offer the buy back in my own business, but what I found interesting was this… Both inspectors that answered their phones were seasoned guys in my opinion. The inspector I did NOT use sounded a more professional on the phone and made me feel more confident in his inspection, but… After 2 days of thinking about hiring one of these inspectors I chose the inspector that offered the Buy Back. It honestly shocked me how much I mentally needed to know I had a way out if I needed it.

  3. I truly have not enjoyed all the concierge emails and phones calls. Maybe it’s just because i’m on this side of the business, but they have been really annoying.

  4. I have been so busy with my own business and with all the other tasks of buying this home that I haven’t given the inspection or the inspector hardly any thought since the day of the inspection and the report. So as much as we all like to think we inspectors matter during the whole transaction, we don’t. We get a short window to make our best impression.

  5. My intention was always to support a fellow inspector by leaving him/her a review, but I had a million other things on my mind. If he had not sent me a “please review my company” link. I would have totally forgotten about it. (I did leave a 5 star!)

  6. I honestly loved how easy and simple signing an online agreement and paying with a credit card was. I would have been annoyed if he asked for a wet signature or check.

  7. Having pictures in my report was extremely valuable, but if video was included in the report I would have appreciated that much more.

  8. I have to say I don’t give real estate agents enough credit. The agent that handle both sides of this deal took many phones calls, texts, and emails from me during this deal (sometimes at 11pm). I honestly didn’t envy his position and would not want to deal with that kind of stress on a daily basis.

Lastly, Nick or interNACHI did not ask me to write this on here. I felt compelled to share how amazing this deal was for me. The property was a great deal and Nick was great to work with and extremely fair.
Thank you Nick Gromicko!

You’re welcome Skyler.


I’m glad that you did decide to post your information about this transaction - a lot of great information from several different perspectives.

I do have a question about the calls and emails regarding the concierge services. Is this from the inspector, or the home warranty that Nick provided? Is this from RWS or something similar?

Thanks again for the info and congrats on your new investment!


One question for Nick I have some agents asking why Nachi just doesn’t fix what’s wrong with house instead of buying or just have this option?

Hi Tim,
I am not sure where the calls stem from. It does appear to be an RWS product, but I could be wrong.

I don’t know. The agent got the warranty for Skyler, InterNACHI simply paid for it at closing.

Because a repair wouldn’t be a marketing tool for either the inspector or the agent. Telling consumers that they need a repair warranty because you are sure to screw up the inspection has a negative connotation and implies that you suck as an inspector. It would unsell you. I’m not saying a repair warranty isn’t any good, it is a good thing to have, but it isn’t a marketing tool.

Conversely, being so confident about your inspection services that you make the audacious promise that InterNACHI believes you are so good at performing home inspections that if you miss anything, they’ll buy the entire house back… shows outrageous confidence in your own competence.

When Super Bowl quarterback Joe Namath was asked by a reporter if he was going to win the Super Bowl (his team was an 18 point underdog BTW), he didn’t say: “Well, I’m not a very good quarterback so you’d better get a warranty with a deductible, sniff, sniff.” No, that’s not what Joe replied. When Joe Namath was asked if he was going to win the Super Bowl, he replied: “I GUARANTEE IT.”

Marketing is all about image. In the home inspection industry, consumers want home inspectors who exude confidence in their competence. And making the insanely audacious promise that “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” does exactly that.

It’s the greatest marketing tool in existence for inspectors and the agents who recommend those participating inspectors.

A RE/MAX agent who recently used the Buy Back Guarantee for his client in Florida just chimed in on my personal Facebook page. No, I didn’t put him up to it, he did it on his own:

Thanks Nick!!

Skyler …

Curious. You’re somewhere in a place called Utah (I think its by North Dakota or Idaho … Not sure). Are you moving to Iowa OR out of curiosity … If Not … why buy a place so far away??

Next I’ve seen other properties for sale on the InterNACHI “Buyback Program” but NEVER saw this one … Is there a specific place on our site you found it?

Nick …

I’ve seen various properties on the “Buyback Program” get bought. I’ve always had a question … Most of the ones I’ve seen are regular “Bread & Butter” type houses.

Have we had somebody like Jeff Pope or Me that do a GOB of $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 houses have a whiny baby try to take us up on the Buyback??

We had one at 1.8 million. We’re buying back a $950K next week.