my clients used buyback

i recently had a client use the buyback guarantee. InterNACHI bought the condo back, no questions asked, paid cash right away, and let the clients stay until they found a new place. the clients have scheduled their next inspection with me, the agent has referred me twice since then and invited me to present at his office. I couldn’t be more grateful for this program and InterNACHI and especially Nick Gromicko, Thank you!


good post thanks … Dennis

Great to hear Dennis. The things Nick comes up are amazing and I doubt if there is a more generous person out there. At least not one I know. What was the issue?

Yes, what was the issue?


That real estate office will use you for their home inspections forever now.

We’ll probably never know.

I don’t recall asking.

there were several issues noted in my report, the reasons they didn’t want the condo were issues that couldn’t really have been seen during the inspection due to clutter, some torn screens, and some cracked tile, ( also couldn’t be seen due to clutter) Nothing major that wasn’t noted in the report. And like Nick said, he didn’t really ask what the reason was. Like I said, the same people are using me for an inspection tomorrow and the same agent had me do an inspection for his cousin, ( also agent) , on a 1mil. dollar home hes buying for himself just the other day.


So you miss something so heinous that they can’t possibly continue to live in the house anymore and have to go through the massive inconvenience of moving again and they use you to do the inspection again? If it was that bad, why did they even take the house when they did their final walk through when it was all cleaned out. I don’t really even care. I think we all have the common sense to know internachi isn’t losing a cent on the buyback guarantee so it’s irrelliven what their reason is. It’s just that this seems like a pretty strange scenario. Oh well.

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Glad to hear from someone that is using it and had a client use the buy back. I been debating on whether or not to use program as well. How have the agents responded or potential clients responded when you tell them about the program? I was afraid of using it and getting people trying to get out of the purchase because they are having buyers remorse. Then possibility the buyer getting upset with me if the house doesn’t get bought back.

I don’t think you’re understanding how this works. I am assuming that 50%+ of the houses that are bought back are due simply to buyers remorse. Why do you think the house wouldn’t be bought back? The house will be bought back. Why are you scared that they’ll want the house bought back? That’s the whole point. Nachi has no problem buying them back. The more they buy, the more advertising they get.

Probably found another one that they liked more while this one was still under contract.

Wow, that’s awesome Dennis. Like others have said, it’s nice to hear from an inspector that has used this program successfully. I’ve been using it for a while now, and would really like to have a client use it. Good job and thanks for the post.

I just ordered the Buy Back rack cards from Inspector Outlet yesterday. I will definitely be using this program.

Just lost my best agent- Buy back remorse- Client hates me also! Always, Always read the fine print and realize it is too good to be true. Man do I look like a fool!
G: The home must be listed with a real estate agent licensed in the jurisdiction where the home is located with a commission of no less than 6% split between listing and buyer brokers.
Go ahead lay into me, kick a guy while he’s down. I am sure I deserve it.

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Care to elaborate? Your post did not make any sense.

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It would sure be nice to get the rest of the story .

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So I assume you have contacted Nick? What was the reason the buyer tried to use the Buy Back Program? A faulty GFCI?