Buyer Sues Inspection Co. - LaRocca Inspection Associates Inc.

Yes it does happen. This buyer has the money to fight…Read all about it here:

She should have hired an InterNACHI inspector. Non-members like LaRocca Inspection Associates don’t have unlimited access to moisture intrusion inspection courses like this: and so shouldn’t be performing inspections for consumers.

I guess Rihanna will have to stand under her umbrella:

…some people will never learn.

InterNACHI- Total. World. Dominance.

Nick - I guess you’re assuming that the inspector was in fact negligent in his inspection?

Does that include “non-member” CMI’s?

The owner of the multi-inspection company was negligent. Negligent for failing to provide his junior inspectors with unlimited access to moisture intrusion inspection courses like this:

Non-members don’t have access to and so shouldn’t be doing inspections for the public.

Yeah, no possible way he would have been sued had he taken that course.

Not the point. The point is that this isn’t 1972 any longer. Nowadays the industry has unlimited access to hundreds of robust, accredited inspection courses that assure consumers are getting a properly-performed inspection… yet LaRocca Inspection Associates denied their inspectors access to them. That’s insane! I think it shows a pattern of negligence and disregard for their clients.

Well, in that case, I would expect that no InterNACHI member ever get sued if they’ve taken the requisite coursework.

Anyone can be sued by anyone for anything. But they certainly harmed their defense by denying their inspectors the unlimited access to the courses they clearly needed. That’s insane, and shows a disregard for their clients.

Fair to say that if they got sued and it was discovered that they DID complete that coursework, they are MORE liable for missing something?

No. That’s gibberish. You never help your defense case by intentionally avoiding training like this particular inspection company did. If you aren’t an InterNACHI member, you are way outside of the inspection industry… and really aren’t serious about achieving and maintaining excellence.

I’d have to agree with Nick. I actually worked for this company for several years and we were limited to BASIC home inspection education and practises. California is a strange land with strange laws and people but not having the education in the first place is asking for trouble. The minimum CREIA standards are not much protection in court.

I took the water and mold courses from InterNACHI while I still worked there, saw the light and left to do my own thing. We are getting better as we embrace the changes in the industry as well as technology and the InterNACHI education porograms. I take my hat off to Nick, he is a great guy if you have ever met him.

I would like to see a kick *** chimney/fireplace course though. Better check your list now that I think of it.

Thank you sir. People who aren’t members of InterNACHI should never, ever perform inspections.

AHIT course isn’t bad.

InterNACHI is much better though:)

IMHO, education is NEVER a bad thing and one change ever stop learning. I have taken a number of the NACHI courses since I started and am pleased with the insight and information they provide.


I just saw this, it looks like the suit is now focused on the broker:

The real estate broker (who recommended an uncertified inspector who did not have unlimited access to free inspector training) should be hung from a bridge upside down for all to see. All real estate agents have a fiduciary duty to recommend InterNACHI inspectors solely.

All real estate agents nationwide have a fiduciary duty to provide the best services, of any kind, to their clients. They are not.

In most eyes of REA’s, cheap is the best duty.

Instead of state HI licensing, the REA office brokers should set the standards to which an HI would be able to do business with agents in that office. Educational verifications, insurance certificates, proof of time business, etc.

CMI’s should not have to advertise or scrape bottom just to get the REA’s attention. Shame that it is all backwards.