BX cable

Did an inspection today on a home that was built around 1940 had BX cable (cloth sheathing) no ground. I have not seen this type very often. Other then non grounded outlets is there any concern with this wiring. Thanks in advance.:wink:

AC cable (Armor Cable) is the known by the trade name BX.

I believe the cloth cable is Old Romex. Trades referred to it as rag wrap romex. Breaks down from excessive heat and rodents like it.

Any pics of the wiring?

As David said photo’s would be helpful. If the outer jacket is not metallic then I agree with David that you probably have NM cable with no ground which is probably getting near the end of it’s life expectancy.

BX and Armored cable are similar but not the same. BX is no longer is use/manufactured. AC is currently what is used.



I think I did this right still trying to figure this stuff out.

Yup, that’s type AC cable, AKA BX. Most likely that the conductors are rubber insulated, tinned copper.