Braided Romex=Cloth Wiring?

A few pictures of wiring from a 1958 home. I’m calling this wiring braided romex, please correct me if I’m wrong. One question is do you sparkys equate braided to be cloth covered? Thanks in advance.

That is braided cloth sheathing. It may not contain a grounding conductor or may be undersized.

Thanks for the response, it did contain a ground

Romex is a brand name. However, it is very common to call all Non Metalic Cable (type NM) Romex.
I agree with what Jim stated.

Common, but still wrong.

Paul Abernathy says you should never call NM cable romex unless you are absolutely sure it is.

Learn more from Paul Abernathy here

And never yell “fire” in a theater.

I’ve installed more NM cable then you will ever inspect. Most was Romex but had some other brands mixed in there. The braided cloth type is still a NM sheathed cable.

I have no idea what you are talking about

I agree with you.


I understood.

Of course you did. :wink:

<H1><H2>With Real Romex®, Pulling is Believing

The History of Romex[size=3]®
The Romex® brand of Non-Metallic Building Wire (“NM”) originated in 1922 with its development by the former Rome Wire Company, a predecessor to General Cable Corporation. On September 5, 2001, Southwire purchased the electrical building wire assets of General Cable Corporation. One of the most valuable assets purchased by Southwire in that acquisition was the Romex brand of Type NM cable. The Romex brand of Type NM cable has now been promoted and sold by Southwire and its predecessors for 88 years and Southwire considers its Romex trademark to be one of its most valuable brand names. Romex is a federally registered trademark and we vigorously monitor and protect the use of the Romex brand in North America and around the world. Don’t just look for generic NM cable, look for Southwire’s Romex® brand Type NM cable!

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An interesting side note:
This mornings inspection was a nice 1902 home. Recent upgrades (version #___) In the basement/crawlspace were several generations of NM sheathed cable. No evidence of any Knob and Tube.
I love inspecting these old properties. Tomorrow I have a condo in a building from 1923. Last week I had a 1915 and a 1896 (same day, one block apart). These are old for around here. I know back east they have some that are much older.

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You would love to see some of my pictures from the 1928 lakefront high rise today :slight_smile: really cool stuff.

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