ca. building codes

Hello Everyone,
I have what is probably a dumb question. Does the state have a website the lists all of title 24, or do you have to buy the code book to check questions? How does everyone else get there info. beyond code check?

Hi Tom,

Code Check for CA in your car/truck… I order 'em I think they’re less than $30. Cursory stuff on their.

Title 24

Building Standards Commission for CA Has 'em (or links to) also

Good Luck!

When looking at some of that stuff, just remember that most homes are R-3 and most of your construction types are Type V, 1 hour resistive.

I purchase CA Title 24 every time a new cycle is adopted. It’s usually about $750 or $800, but it’s a necessary reference in my opinion. . .

I agree with Jeff, however, Codecheck West isn’t too far of the pace for most HIs’


I agree Gerry - CodeCheck West is a very good “reference.” However, there are several errors in CodeCheck, that’s why the actual code is invaluable for verification.