Cable TV ground attached to main panel cover

Hello! I came across a cable TV ground wire that was clipped and bolted onto the distribution panel cover. Since opening the panel was only possible by unbolting and disconnecting this ground, I opted not to remove the cover. Has anyone else come across this and are they allowed?

I see it a lot. I do not call it out unless it impedes access to the breakers or disconnect. You would have to decide if it is worth removing it or not to see inside for you clients benefit. Hopefully an electrician will chime in.

(well, there we go ~ see below :slight_smile: )


If the system does not have an IBT (intersystem bonding termination) then the following NEC section would apply:

A bonding device intended to provide a termination point for the bonding conductor (intersystem bonding) shall not interfere with the opening of an equipment enclosure. A bonding device shall be mounted on nonremovable parts. A bonding device shall not be mounted on a door or cover even if the door or cover is nonremovable.


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Personally I remove them all the time before removing the cover. Then put it back on when I’m finished.


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First time post here. I see that the cable TV ground wire can be bonded to the panel box. Is it okay to have the wire bonded to the service mast as well? Thanks, Jon

Bonding cables.

I do not think anything other than the SEC can be attached to the service mast. But, I recommend waiting for a sparky to verify.

They can be connected to the panel enclosure or the metallic service raceway. They cannot be attached to the door of the panel. Also the service raceway cannot be used to support the CATV drop from the pole.

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Thanks for the timely responses.