California Nachi Chapter????

Do we have a Chapter in California, if not, I would be interested in getting one off the ground and running.

Where are you located? I think there is one in Northern Ca.

What about So Cal

Do it:

nothing up here I was thinking about getting one going but have not had much time to do it and donot want to half azz it…

Northern California went out several months ago. Not sure if the web site is still up. I wouldnt mind getting it back but to much BS with lowballers and freebie seekers in my opinion. If anyone wants to get Northern California back up email me and I will take the lead but only if we have enough interest.

I would be interested also.

I’m looking into starting one up in SoCal, San Fernando Valley area.
Just in the process of sending out some “feeler” emails to nachi members around here.
I’m in North Hollywood. 91606
Dana Bostick

I’m looking into starting one in the SFV area. Where are you?
Dana in NoHo 91606

Big Bear, San Bernardino County

I live in south Riverside. I would attend any meetings you have in Socal, hopefully Ventura county and anything south of it would be fine for me. I am really new to the HI industry and any assistance would be awesome. Send me an email and keep me in the loop.

Carlos Arias

SoCal chapters have been attempted several times in past years - But the lack of interest has killed the chapters. If we get enough interest in Socal - we should try to start up a chapter or two or a chapter that holds meeting at different locations to serve all members. What do you fellow members think?

I’m in the IE and SGV. I was going to look at holding a feeler meeting in Glendora at CVAR on route 66. I will try to get some more info soon.

I lived in Glendora for close to 20 years. I’ve been in Big Bear for just over 2 years now. I would be interested please keep me posted. Were is the CVAR. I’ve never heard of it.

I am in Bakersfield and we have several NACHI members here I think if you were to get one going close enough most of us would attend I know I would

Jeffrey Marsh
Central California Property Inspections

See What Im Sayin!!!

if you build it they will come…lol…

I would be interested in attending a CA NACHI meeting if it was held within a couple hour drive from San Diego.

at last check no there is not a chapter in ca ,i would also to form a chapter since i live in southern ca it would be great to have support here