California Real Estate Burea Approves InterNACHI as School for Real Estate Agents

State of California Bureau of Real Estate approves InterNACHI’s Continuing Education course for licensed real estate professionals.

Inform California-licensed real estate professionals that they can attain free, online Continuing Education by contacting their local InterNACHI-Certified Home Inspector.

This is a great marketing strategy for home inspectors who promote their business to licensed real estate agents. When a real estate professional enters an InterNACHI member’s ID number to begin the online course, the member will be automatically notified by email.

The online courses educate licensed professionals about InterNACHI Certified Home Energy Inspections.

Get your free marketing cards from Inspector Outlet,and start handing them out to licensed real estate professionals. The cards provide instructions to licensed real estate agents on how to access the free, online Continuing Education course.

Planet InterNACHI…* resistance is futile.*

When will CA cards be available, do not see them on page

Cards were ordered as soon as the course was approved and will be available next week.

Thanks Jesse.

We look forward to passing these out when we get them

WOOT! Let the marketing begin.

This is a killer marketing tool for InterNACHI members.

Oh nice!

I was getting jealous that my fellow inspectors in other states could do this when we were getting left out.

This will be awesome.

Is there a way to order them with our Internachi # pre-printed on them?

You could probably get custom ones made by our Marketing Department: If you are going to do that, have them put your contact information on it (so it also acts as a brochure for you).