Michigan Dept of Licensing Approves InterNACHI's Free Course for Licensed RE Agents

Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) approves InterNACHI’s free, online Continuing Education (CE) course for real estate professionals (including brokers and salespersons):

This is a great marketing strategy for home inspectors in Michigan. Inspectors can inform Michigan-licensed real estate professionals that they can attain free online Continuing Education (CE) credits by contacting their local InterNACHI home inspector.

Tell them to visit www.nachi.org/mi-agent and register for the free online Continuing Education course.

  • All free;
  • All online; and
  • Approved by Michigan LARA.

When a real estate professional logs into the course and enters the InterNACHI member’s ID number, the member will be automatically notified by email.

Free Real Estate Marketing Cards:


Get your free marketing cards from Inspector Outlet.

We are getting every real estate agent in North America to come to an InterNACHI website to fulfill their required continuing education for free.

I would love to get WV real estate agents on board! Had a presentation today, they were amazed at what I had to say about NACHI, as opposed to the “other guys”.

They were very interested in what I was telling them about negligent referral indemnification. I spent 15 minutes discussing NACHI, and about 10 minutes discussing myself.

Tell me what to do, who to call, etc., to get WV on board with this. I will do what I can.

OK again tell me how this benefits me as an InterNACHI Inspector ?

I’m sorry I must be dense
If they simply go online to an Nachi site why do they need me ?
How will this increase revenue for me ?\

Are you implying they must come from a referred Nachi Licensed Inspector Only ?
If that’s the case then I see the benefit …somewhat …

Members in my chapter captured entire real estate offices with these cards. Offices that once wouldn’t even allow them to drop off their inspection business brochures.

Tim even made the system better. When the agent takes his/her free required continuing education thanks to you… you get notified: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/notifications-added-real-estate-agent-referral-program-82569/ That gives you a second opportunity to engage with the real estate agent. Don’t forget to write your InterNACHI ID# on the card. That’s how the agent gets free access and that’s how you get notified.

We did a 3-day real estate event in Denver and ran out of cards in the first 30 minutes once the word got out.

exactly…if I were the one to turn them on to this, I’d be their hero. They’d remember I was the guy who told them about it in the first place.

I mentioned it at another presentation this morning, and the idea was well received by everyone there!

The days of trying to break into a real estate office by delivering a basket of candies… is long over. This is a piece of candy on steroids.


Where can I get the Mi cards. Did not see them in the store.


Traverse City Home Inspections LLC

This is great stuff! I hope this program comes to Maine! Every little bit helps.

We only received formal approval yesterday. Jessica designed the Michigan cards and as soon as they arrive at our warehouse, they’ll be available here: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-real-estate-agent-marketing-cards.aspx

Well, until I can offer it here, then candies it is.

Fat free of course…you should see the RE Agents in WV!! :|.)

They must be successful, because they sure ain’t missing no meals!!! :shock:


Do we need to use your cards? Can I make my own and have them printed and ready to go once the courses get approved in VA?

Is the website going to be nachi.org/va-agent?

I’d rather you make your own cards. Thanks.

Yes. But you should wait until we get official approval in VA.

Ben, how many CEU’s 4 or 8? The example card says 8 but your link information says 4.

Well alrighty then
This is pretty neat after all…

Again kudos for going above and beyond , making
InterNACHI something I’m proud to be a member of.

I’m thinking a flyer created that I can mass email as well
would be super …
Linking to the official page
I’ll get on it .

The example card is for a different state. Michigan approved the course for 4 CE hours. Additional information can be found here: http://www.nachi.org/mi-agent.htm

I think this is really neat and have made the link available with the details via social outlets such as LinkedIn, Google Plus page…etc… along with emails to my favorite brokers for their office of agents.

Is this course a one time only for 4 credits or will you have more available in the future like this ?

It has really impressed me after I realized more about it …
Kudos to you guys at NACHI…

We’ll always be adding and offering more courses.

First approval is always the hardest to acquire.