Can anyone tell me what kind of insulation this is?

This insulation is in an attic of a 1950’s house, but the listing says the insulation has been upgraded. I see insulated can light baffles, so I’m inclined to believe this is new, but I never fully believe anything I read. I’ve never seen this very light hairy looking insulation. I have more photos if needed. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Horse hair?

Would the seller share an invoice for the work?
It definitely seems to have bits of recycled paper in it.

I definitely saw the hair and the paper which seemed odd to me too. There was a LOT of it, so that makes me doubt that it’s old. I will tell the buyer to request disclosure from the owner. If I don’t get an answer here, then I won’t feel too bad. I’m in my first year of inspecting so I don’t want to miss something I should know, but that’s why I like this forum. Thanks gents.

Update. I zoomed in a a photo of the paper ruler in the attic and I saw this.
Pest control insulation. Interesting. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the info Mark.
I’ve never heard of this before. Their website offers free samples, so I ordered one for my own inspection knowledge and another to share at my Chapter meeting with other inspectors.

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My pleasure. It was nice knowing you folks were here when I needed help. Glad I could contribute.