Anyone ever seen insulation like this?

This insulation was in the attic of a mid 40’s home. At first I thought it was a bunch of wigs, but quickly realized there was a lot of it, all along the perimeter, both blonde and black. I thought it may be hair, but if felt more like nylon, and it wouldn’t burn.

Not sure what to call it, I have never seen it. Anyone have an idea?

Maybe horse hair…

Mineral wool

I thought it must be wool, Paul, but couldn’t find anything that looks like it when I did a Google Search.

I’ll keep looking, otherwise, I’ll just note it as best as I can in my report, and move on.


lol, a lot of it is very curly, maybe the horses got perms! :mrgreen:

Google horse hair, some pics looks similar.

Maybe its Sheep’s Wool Insulation





okay, I did see one or two pics that looked similar. I was thinking horse hair insulation would be more brittle, like what was used to fill old chairs, car seats, and trunk mats. This is very soft, and curly, and does not smell like hair when burned with a match (maybe it’s treated).

Anyway, I’ll describe it as possibly horse hair insulation, and leave it at that. No use in overthinking it, as long as it’s not dangerous, I don’t think the single gal buying this old house will be much concerned with it anyways.

Thanks Marcel!

Yep, over the years I have had to ask someone else or Google insulation because I had never seen what I was looking at before. The years go on and most of us learn to never say “I’ve seen it all.”

I have no input for you (yeah, I know, huh) on the insulation as I’ve never seen it before either, but am curious what you think of the vapor barrier situation in that attic?

I’ve heard that horse hair is toxic…

You might be correct .
I have been told they used arsenic to remove the hair from the Leather .
They also used the horse hair to help hold the plaster used in lath and plaster .
The old plaster could be dangerous to those removing it .

Good catch, Jeff. Some of the insulation was batt, with paper vapor barrier installed correctly. Some of it was batt, with foil backing, facing the wrong way, and some was plastic sheets, installed under that “wool-like” insulation, also installed incorrectly.

All was noted accordingly in my report.

That damned insulation has me stumped!! :twisted: