Can radiant flooring have a shape of a rug

I did an inspection today for the house that has radiant flooring in the bathroom. It is done differently in various parts of the floor - one has short tubing, the other long. But in front of the shower it looks like a rug. I never seen radiant flooring in the shape of a rug. Is it real? :smiley:

Radiant floor1.jpg


Sure it can, and if you’ve seen some of the electric mat type in-floor heating, you’d understand that it can be installed in any shape…

Thanks Steven. Is there any way to determine if the radiant flooring is electric or water tubes? I did not see any water manifold. Just a thermostat in the bathroom.

Me think they went cheap with the electric radiant install; it appears that some floor areas were missed.

I think that a mat/area rug on top of radiant flooring may give you that pic of the floor.

Did an inspection last week where Realtor listing featured a radiant in floor heating in basement; it so happen that only the bathroom had radiant in floor heating and install didn’t cover half its area…

I sometimes refer to IR camera as lie detectors with clients…:slight_smile:

Did the thermostat had a GFCI test button?

Yes, it did.

That is why I was puzzled since there was no area rug in the bathroom at all.

Electric then!

Thanks Marcel!