Can someone email me changes in red to accessibility to make it Metric?

I want to make metric. If someone will post that they are on it, I’ll send you $100. Nothing fancy, you can just scratch out inches and fix and fax to (650) 429-2057 or emial it to me at . Announce that you are taking the job on this thread so that 5 members don’t all do the same work.

Thanks in advance.

ok I will do it.

Just an FYI to help you out Carmine. You can type in any conversion factor into google and it will do it. For example type in ‘3 feet in meters’ and google will give you the answer. Very nice feature :smiley:

Thanks Carmine.

Just ran across this thread.

I believe the info requested is here.

Here is the whole book. Metric is allready included.

Marcel:) :smiley:

Here is converter to download.
It will convert units of different values.