Canadian vs. American units of measure

I am doing the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior module, and there is a ton of min/max measurement requirements for stairs, etc…

I am in Canada so I wrote all my study notes with Canadian units of measure and the quiz is all in American…do I need to memorize the American units of measure for the quiz and the Canadian later :stuck_out_tongue: or will my final exam be in all American units?? SEND HELP HAHA

Simple… (unless you are in a specific section stated to be Canadian)…
You are on the U.S. Website, of a U.S. based Home Inspection Association.
When you are here, you are in effect in America!
Everything you see and do will be U.S. influenced.
Welcome and good luck!

I completely understand I am on an American based website, but it does certify you in Canada so why I would have to study all of the American requirements and stipulations if those are not the ones that I need to put into effect after obtaining my certificate?? Seems like a waste of time…

When you take a vacation to Hong Kong, most people at least try to learn the basics of the language. Do you expect them to make their country conform to you so that you understand them? I suggest you rethink your dedication to the inspection industry. You aren’t going to survive very long with that outlook.

P.S. This organization only Certifies that you are a Member of an Inspection Organization that offers inspection related educational teachings to help build your knowledge. If you think otherwise, well, you know…

I hope everyone else on this forum replies friendlier and more respectable than you. Just trying to reach out for help, not sarcasm. Have yourself a great day

Most, if not all of the courses here use inches, feet and pounds being U.S. written. The quizzes as well are U.S. written so they use U.S. measures. As far as I know, you will have to adapt and then once finished the courses, you any measurements you choose as long as your clients understand.

The only courses that I am aware of that may use both measurements are perhaps the Carson Dunlop as they are based in Toronto.