Can you ID all these pipes?

Quiz of the day:

Who can name all the materials of these pipes? Oh yea… I really had to suck up the gut to fit under that floor…



Looks like PB to me. . .

Agree with Jeff. What year was the house built.

The red and white look like PEX.

Pex, PB, and CSST?

Although grey is the most common color, PB was also manufactured in white, red, blue and black.

How bout yellow?..Senor Zinsco…:smiley:

Hi Dale,

Good % bet on that one, can’t be wrong :wink:



The home was built in 1917, and is a limestone rock and beam type foundation.

I can tell the grey pipe is PB, but was not sure about the other stuf, and the large yellow line is a gas line. For the sake of there being PB, I am going to rec a plumber to come look at it, and give an opinion, it’s all dry however, with no leaks to be found.

Cortland…I may have won!!!..:smiley:

The tell is in the fittings and connectors. A closer look at the pipe should reveal its PB listing (except for the yellow one :D)

Send your clients here when you find PB


What’s with the lack of (your) Zinsco pictures in the (Not for Everyone) section?..:smiley: …I mean the electrical section…!..:smiley:

Come-on man, freak us out would ya…:smiley:

I miss them smoldering Santa Zinsco Clarita panels…:smiley:

Thanks Gerry…I got two right…:smiley:

I don’t want to keep posting the same old boring things, only ones that are worse than the previous.

Today’s was quite “clean” actually. . .


Damn Jeff, looks like it might of been a left over, recently installed…:smiley:

Hello and thanks for all the information. Well today I learned that PB can in fact be colors other then gray… I’ve never seen a color other then gray, so it tossed a small wrench in my thinking gear, and I wanted to be sure. Thanks again.