PB Piping

I was inspecting a modular home build in 1996. I came across a piece of gray PB 2110 pipe. I know that is PB piping. The rest of the piping in the home was clear/white in color. It was also manufacture by qest. Is this pb piping or pex piping. I have never come across clear/white pb piping.
Has anyone else come across this before?

Looks like PB switching over to translucent Pex to me. :slight_smile:

not really an issue for me… once I find PB I defer the entire system to a qualified contractor for an estimate of repairs…

I agree Jim. PB is PB grey and undependable. :slight_smile:

repairs of what?

The copper fitting in picture 2 is the type involved in the class action lawsuit.
If the water system has any chlorine in it the pipe could be deteriorating from the inside out. There may be other issues too. If you don’t report PB pipe you are producing a substandard inspection report.

PB pipe was also made black in color on some manufactured homes, saw it once.
Most of it was replaced due to leaks. Most of the underground service pipes to homes has been replaced too due to leaks.