Can you smell that smell

After opening the main panel and observing the melted insulation and corroded SEC, I then started to smell an electrical problem as I started to run more appliances, like dishwasher, heat pump and dryer.

I use my laser thermometer and I had a max read of 252

The agent called the electrician and he is coming tomorrow. (I hope the house is still standing)

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Why would you turn anything on with melted insulation and a corroded SEC. Your only asking for trouble. Call it out as hazardous and let the electrician worry about the entire system.

What you should do next time is when you see the insluating mataeals melted or look burnted just don’t put any load on the system just get the electrician come in ASAP.

once the electrician fix that issue then you can able check the rest of system.


I would have turned off the main breaker and hung a sign on the panel indicating the hazard. Then I would have called the owners agent and had them alert the owners. The food in the fridge should be good until an electrician can get there. Better than a fire.

I would have loved to get the IR image on that issue. It would have given me some nice colors.

Nice catch David. You may have saved lives. Well done.

The house was vacant and the only appliance I left on was the heat pump and I turned it down to 55.

The buyers agent and also the listing agent (No conflict of interest there right :roll:) so she was on the phone as soon as I told her about the major safety issue with the wire and the electrician is in there today.

The house was quite far from my home and it was snowing pretty heavily for the last 2 days.

I started smelling the odor when I had the dishwasher on. Stopped as soon as I observed smell. (Previous repair from seller)

I told my client I was not going to run the emergency heat with the condition of the electrical.

I turned off all the electric once I smelled the burning throughout the basement. (I did not turn off the main breaker)
There also was a large amount of rodent infestation in the attic and house and you could smell dead rotten animals in the house. (Maybe part cause of the problems)

Yes Dave I bet there would be some nice colors with the thermal (One day soon I hope to start using or at least obtain some training)

I would like to see the electricians report and work order on his findings. I spoke to him briefly on the phone and told him one of the SEC was burned/melted/corroded. He stated " That aint good"" I stated “No ****”

Thanks Mike for the kind words. (I try my best)

Buyer walked and dual agent called right after asking me how many rodents are in the home. :roll: