Electrical Fire lingering results...

I had a call today to do a walk in pre-litigation inspection this coming Thursday. What it details is that after a home inspection by another inspector 9 months ago which said nothing about prior fire damage involving the Range Hood and it was not disclosed by the homeowner…the prior homeowner acknowledges the fact there was a fire at a later date but the HI is refusing to admit he missed it.
Now the new homeowner wants me to walk in and tell him, his Attorney and Engineer if this should have been caught by the prior HI. There is also a real sweet smell in that area that will not go away no matter how much cleaning is involved and he’s about to rip his cabinets out after the litigation.
My questions are:
1.) What would cause the lingering sweet smell? They are thinking its some cleaning solution that was used after the fire.
2.) With me being only 6 months in the HI business, should I tell him to just call someone else or just do my thing and hope for the best?
3.) If you guys advise me to go ahead and do the Inspection, how much should I expect to charge for such an inspection and what could possibly follow?

Thanks and sorry for the lenghty post…

Also, All of the info was told to me on the phone so I know nothing other than what I was told.

Tracy Echols