Canadian-friendly inspector search engine adopted by today.

Above the new logo we have removed the old www.FindAnInspector.US and replaced it with which is Canadian-friendly (postal codes, provinces, kilometers) and which uses the automated phone notification system which works across Canada.

Thank you, Nick and NACHI.

Tried it works fine if you know the postal code. If you but in city and province does not seem to work, comes back no possible matches.

Worked for me
**Brighton, ON, **
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Added below
WOW! is this ever the greatest .
** Left message and my phone called me with the message with in 30 seconds .**
\ Thank you NACHI

Took less than 15 sec. Works great, and have had calls on it and the clients can not believe that I called back to them so fast. THANX :slight_smile:

Ditto here. Postal code worked but not city.

Did you guys try typing in - city,prov. -

Ok tried it just now and it works.

Thanks Nick!

Works for me… I called me and booked an inspection for me… by me…I hope my house is okay:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Nick, However the eight wonder logo needs an eighth level on it.

worked great Nick, thanks