Canadian Home Energy Audits?

Had a Real Estate agent friend of mine inquire regarding Energy Audits? I know we have the Home Energy Report free to use on NACHI however as everyone knows it doesn’t work with the Canadian market. Wouldn’t mind some input on what the Canadian guys are doing for Energy Audit Reports.


When I am asked about an energy audit, I try to gather some information first. Why do they feel a need for an energy audit? Did someone recommend getting an energy audit?

I am not 100% sure but I think the govt. energy audit program (blower door test) where the home owner gets a rebate ended March 31st last year.

Maybe an IR scan of the house can solve any issues they might be having with their house. It really depends on what the client is looking for.

That’s what im approaching it as. It’s a learning curve since I have never performed one and the fact that Ontario has quote a few different certifications it seems… Energy star and a bunch of others. has and eco-energy home energy report software for download, I’ve tried it and it seems similar to the home energy report tool we have on nachi. It seems a bit more in depth though. Anyone know the difference between a eco-energy report and our home energy reports on here?

There are various versions of HOT2000. The general one is different from CEA’s one. The government ECO energy program was cancelled in 2010. Then it was extended for one year but no more. ENERGY STAR is for new homes only. CEAs require different certification for conducting it. Canadian energy advisor needs to be certified by the service organization licensed by the Canadian government (NRCan)