Ontario Energy Audits?

Had a Real Estate agent friend of mine inquire regarding Energy Audits? I know we have the Home Energy Report free to use on NACHI however as everyone knows it doesn’t work with the Canadian market. Wouldn’t mind some insput on what the Canadian guys are doing for Energy Audit Reports.


Energy audits are still around but since the government pulled the plug on all the sweet rebates they have gone back to pre-rebate levels–which is to say almost non existent–it was a pretty sweet gig for some for awhile there. I say offer it as a service if you want but don’t spend too much on it as it will be slow to re-coup and all the guys that used to do it and plopped down 4K for a blower door are probably still out there as your competition(i.e. glut of energy auditors).

Maybe partner up with a local guy and get a 10% referral fee or something?