Canadian Home Inspector Professionals (CHIP) FB Group

To all my fellow Canadian Inspectors …I would like to invite and encourage you to join the New Canadian Home Inspector Professionals (CHIP) “Facebook Group”

This group is focused on the Canadian Home Inspection industry and those involved in it. We welcome any person engaged in the field of home or commercial inspections, mold assessment, mold remediation, radon testing and remediation, building inspections, exterminators, real estate agents, building sciences, or other services related to these disciplines. The content will primarily focus on the Canadian Home Inspection Industry, but we welcome others from outside Canada who are interested in joining.

We promote Canadian mentoring, business marketing, education, networking, and sharing of new ideas and strategies to help inspectors grow their businesses. We recognize the value of industry vendors and encourage them to interact and present new offers here.

Inspectors are encouraged to openly discuss inspection issues, trends, successes, and failures so we may all learn from their perspectives.


Welcome to our forum, Barret!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Thanks Barret. Good luck.

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