Toronto Meeting For Home Inspectors

We have the strangest associations of Home Inspectors in Canada.
They all think they are the only ones qualified to qualify other want to be home Inspectors.
We have no qualifications in Canada .
We have a bunch of self appointed people who feel they should be in charge .
Many had zero trade experience and many had zero construction experience.
Print up Cards register a company and tell every one how great they are.
Many of these self taught people feel they can demand others to follow and do as they say.
Seven?~ associations looks to me to have between them less the 50% of those who do home inspections.
They are all Bluff and the funny part is many follow along like the Pied Piper .
Many of the seven are so self centered they care less about our industry they only care about them selves and their followers.
Good or Bad at Least we know what we have with NACHI .
I hope big time NICK is able to help all to have a Toronto meeting so all home Inspectors can come and voice their thoughts .
I do want it to go and will give $500;00 to help pull it together .

"so all home Inspectors can come and voice their thoughts ."

Sadly Roy, it has been made quite clear that “all home inspectors” are NOT welcome at this meeting should it ever come off. Only representatives of associations will be welcomed, and some of those will have no official standing to negotiate.

There has been some lip service to the importance of representing the interests of the non-aligned Inspector but judging by the policies and performance of the ‘old guard’ that seems unlikely too.

Without the adoption of the following points, which are a bare minimum for the establishment of real reform of our industry it seems that there is little point to this proposed meeting other than to chew over past differences and re-fight old fights.

The ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS has put forward the following requirements for adoption by all attendees as a first step to addressing the inequities that have divided our industry and left too many on the outside looking in for too long.

**- the adoption of a REAL grandfathering programme, **

- the acceptance of the much feared ‘newbees’ as fellow inspectors

- the institution of an apprenticeship programme that is governed by a board of directors including home inspectors, representatives from related fields and government

- the shedding of all connections between Associations and their Inspector schools ( including those owned by board members and operated by principals of the association) by the other associations.

The ACHI feels that the best place to discuss the issues that affect every inspector in this industry is right here, in public where all inspectors can see who is saying what and then hold them accountable. We at ACHI would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of these requirements here or on the ACHI message board for all to see.

Thanks George I think it is time for the silent majority to come to the front .
This is our Industry and we need to stand up and be counted .
We do not need the loud mouth minority telling us what to do.
It will not be me who suffers I will not be here it will be you are our children.
It will be the new Married couple could be hurt .
We need to be united to show our governments what is needed .
We can help all Canadian Home Inspectors if we stand up and be counted .
I feel bad to see the loud mouth minority call me and other Homies stupid ,Idiots ,liars ,and worse we do not need to be attacked but we do need to show and tell what is needed.
Do nothing and there could be no change or it could get worse .
The choice is yours.
You know where I stand I put my money up now you can show what you want.

When and where?


Bill, do you care? If not, I’ll set this up.