CanI paint my stucco and if yes which paint is recommended

I need advice about painting or not my stucco. After inspection and minor repairs I was planning on painting the stucco on 3 sides of my house-the front side is stones. After talking to the inspector it seemed that the best way to do it was to use a silicate-mineral paint but no waterproofing paint such as loxon xp or elastomeric paint. So I started looking into it and talking to owners and representatives of the US based companies providing this kind of paint.I also read articles and forums and made the conclusion that while this paint was certainly the best there was no pictures or links of average owners like me using it on residential homes but only historic buildings or houses needed to be protected by historical preservation or new constructions by architects as well as exterior renovations on buildings.My painter doesn’t understand my request as he says he has painted all my neighbors houses with sherwin williams paint-loxon xp and they look good.Noneless I heard and read that this paint but also elastomeric paint could do worse than good as if the water enter somehow and it will certainly at one point despite all preventive measures it could trap it into the walls. In other terms the stucco won’t be able to breath anymore and the moisture could then develop and endanger the structure. What would be your advice?

I as a home inspector would not give advice on this Talk to a manufacture for this advice .

link is a reliable source of information i provide for my clientele
TECHNICAL BULLETINS | Stucco Manufacturers Association

While I’m not sure about regular stucco, I do know that EIFS requires a special paint that will shrink and expand with the substrate. Don’t count on the clerk at the big box stores to know what you need.

I have 3 coat on my Santa Barbara home. The original stucco was pink and it stayed that way for 25 years. My dad decided to paint it white back in '78. Regular paint, in great shape and has not been painted since then. No thin spots, no cracks, no repairs. The only thing that was changed was the trim color. Go figure.

Most painters in my area recommend elastomeric paint for conventional stucco.

Yep! It will bridge small cracks.