Questions about stucco

Hi, and thanks for any advice you folks can offer. We live in central Michigan, and are remodeling a '70 ranch with aluminum siding. Specifically, we are turning the garage into living space, elevating the floor, adding windows, etc. None of us are in love with the siding as it is, and wants to change it all as this goes along, and our favorite look would be stucco. I’m getting a bit creeped out, though, by the problems, or potential problems with stucco. I understand that I should use the tyvek made for stucco, cover that with 2 layers of building paper, then the 3 layers of stucco. The sheathing in the house is both plywood at the corners and a black fibrous sheathing, trade name “Study Brace.” Is that type of sheathing a problem under stucco? I’ve seen some products that waterproof the exterior surface of the stucco, does that create any problems? Why not DRY-LOK the exterior and paint it whatever you want?
This is all very confusing, and I’m thinking that cedar shingles floating over an air space over regular tyvek is a whole lot simpler.

Stucco is not a good do-it-yourself job. Other siding applications are easier to install and less problems in the long run.

Very true words James.

Stucco is great in a dry climate such as Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas. Would I use it in an area like Central Michigan? No. No I would not.

Agree. In Minnesota, I have never seen (even new) a home with Stucco that didn’t have “issues”. IMO… stucco belongs in hot dry areas, not cold wet areas. Btw… if you paint it with Dry-Loc or such, start budgeting for repair or replacement the day you apply the sealer! Just sayin!

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the advice.