Can't we all just get along

Drove 30 miles to the home only to find the key lock box gone. Realtor called the seller who says it was there yesterday. He calls the renter who we find took it so no one could get in while they were at work. The poor buyer and Realtor don’t know what to do (new Realtor. I pack up and leave telling the buyer to call me when you know we can get in.
He wants to do the inspection tomorrow, I can do it until Monday, told him he should find another inspector if it has to be done before Monday
He wants me to do it so he’ll try to put it off, at this point I don’t care. The renter is trying to extend his stay by locking us out and I’m sure he will do it again.

Tell me again why do I love this business ?


Where else can you have soooo much fun without taking your clothes off and still get paid!!!

Good point althought I didn’t get paid today since I didn’t do the complete inspection.


I would sure charge the Seller or Seller’s Realtor a huge reschedule fee for your trouble. I wouldn’t look to the Buyer for compensation but I sure do bill the Seller in cases like this.

Except for the fact that it is illegal, a lock bumping gun will get you in in less than 2 minutes.

Extend the closing date.
This gets the sellers attention!
The seller should stand-by during the inspection.
Be carefull of the renter, you don’t want to get drug into something by them.

In most states you only have to give the tenant 24 hour notice that someone will be on the property and entering the home. They have rights, but they are still superceded by the actual property owner’s rights. If they don’t want to cooperate, then the seller needs to make certain that they or their agent is there with a duplicate key to let you in. :smiley:

In this situation there is an absentee landlord/seller and the realtor is new and hasn’t got a clue what to do. He spent 35 miutes on the phone with the broker Thursday. I finally got frustrated and told them to call when they get it sorted out. I’m supposed to be able to finish this inspection this afternoon. So far they haven’t called it off.