Have to love some Realtors

I received a call today from a Realtor about getting an inspection done for her client. After playing phone tag we finally talk. Went through my normal set of questions and offered a time to do it. The Realtor then asked if I could squeeze her in this week. Now I did say I would get back to her but I may be able to squeeze her in Thursday morning. When we finally connected I was driving and didn’t have access to my calendar. Well, I found a way to squeeze her in on Thursday. The Realtor then says they need it done by this Wednesday. Yes in two days from day of contact. Contract was ratified just this past Saturday and the client had 10 days to complete the inspection. If you do the math that is only 5 days. Well within the 10 days. Then proceeded to tell me that her director told her to move on and get it done by Wednesday.

So now the Director is involved. I was told by the Realtor the client wanted me to do the inspection. I feel bad for this client as her Realtor is definitely not performing her duties as a Realtor. Well as the Realtor is moving on so am I. I have been in this business long enough to know I really don’t need inspection requests from a Realtor like this.

Just thought I would share my story. Time to schedule another inspection with another client.


If a realtor says to me that the client requested my services, I do whatever I can to contact the client directly.

The client is going to suffer because the realtor is in the way. The realtor probably told the client you were unavailable because it’s the realtors agenda that is the problem.


Unfortunately the Realtor would not give me the Clients name. Had she done so, I would have contacted them directly. I am sure she did tell the client I wasn’t available. Lol.

Some clients put way to much trust in their Realtor. I can only hope the client doesn’t get a bad deal with a Realtor acting this way.


WOW, that is an eternity nowadays. At least around here anyway.

Yes they do… I know several people that got hosed because of this.

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Last week I had a realtor text me the following: Are you flexible on payment for an inspection if I have $1000 earnest money? The buyer has $10,000 being paid in closing costs and really want the inspection to be paid at closing out of that money.

My reply was short…No report until paid.

She cancel the inspection.

For new inspectors this sounds good, BUT the problem is if the buyer walks there is no closing and the home inspector gets zero payment. My philosophy is if the buyer can’t afford to pay a few hundred dollars why in the hell are they willing to commit to buying a several hundred thousand dollar house?


Well just when I thought we were moving on I received a text from said Realtor this morning. This is what it said:

Hi Mike, Thank you for your willingness to do the home inspection for my client tomorrow. Wanted you to know that we will not be making that appointment at 9 tomorrow. Have a great day and again thank you!

First, I didn’t agree to Wednesday at 9 AM. I offered Thursday at 8 AM. Which is when I was told by her she was finding someone else. Lol

I responded that I was confused by her text and asked her to clear up the confusion. She read the message but hasn’t responded. Is she expecting me to be there at 9 AM? And she won’t be there or her way of canceling? In any event I did move on and scheduled someone else. Lol


This realtor sounds like a real piece of work. For the most part inspectors don’t have much recourse to address this situation at the time they pull this crap. But I have dealt with a few realtors like this in probably not a very ethical manner.

If I inspect one of their listings in the future let’s just say that items that I find in other homes that I usually recommend monitoring or maintenance now they become items in need of repair/replace and in need of further evaluation by a qualified contractor.

Ok. I’m ready to hear comments from the ethical police. Ready, set, go.

Don’t forget to save her contact information in your phone as “Crazy Realtor Beware”


If you use a “Ding Dong” ring tone you know not to answer it. :rofl:


That is funny right there! :+1: :joy: :joy:

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No problem I can Squeeze you in on Wednesday however there is a Squeeze in rush fee. Book a flight at the last minute it costs more, want something delivered tomorrow it costs more,


In RI, you are only to schedule with the client that you are working for, not the realtor.

You sound like someone I know! :man_shrugging: :rofl:

Any time Realtors get involved in the HI process there are problems. I got a bunch of work from a Realtor who would try to beat my price down every time. Finally I told her she should lower her commission if she was so concerned about cost. Haven’t heard from her since. Not missed. Another told me he couldn’t use me because I find too many things wrong. Well I don’t care to be “used” anyway and I do my job, can’t help it if he can’t negotiate a sale. I guess Agents have a place, but it doesn’t include Home Inspections.