Cantilever deck

Do you think this deck was engineered for the cantilever???



I was about to say what cantilever? Then I noticed that the thing is hanging off that little bump-out.


Deck attachment to a cantilevered flooring system is not allowed.

Absolutely not. The length of the joist cantilever should not exceed 1/3 of the total joist length.

Got pics of the attachment area?

Actually, you can tie into a cantilever if the floor/cantilever was built with this in mind. It does take a lot of extra engineering and framing but it can be done. It is however, not the most cost effective way to build that deck.

Nope… needs to be a freestanding deck.

I thought I stated NOT allowed, which would require a free standing deck.

A free standing deck would (usually) still be attached to, just not supported by, the cantilever. :wink:

I know, I know… semantics! :smiley:

Looks to me like there’s a post on the back corner behind the steps…?


I think we need a better picture, I that deck is cantilever it would have fell down long ago

Here is how to frame around it, but it could only be 6’ wide.


Key in residential decks in the search box, click on the word document “deck book”, and up will come 19 page document on deck codes here in Johnson County KS. This is also used nationwide.

I couldn’t find it, but if it is the same doc everywhere online, the ledger attachment section and post attachment section are outdated.

I tried it again, and it takes you to the code listing. It is dated 2003, but still being used. Click on the “54% word document” tab on the left of the page, after you key in the words residential decks.

Gary, I use it all the time. But I do not think the deck builders have every seen it. Thanks.

I carry many articles, thanks to Nick, on a USB drive, and print them out on site if anyone has questions, or wants info. I built my deck on to the house I built, and was forced by code to do many modifications. I think it will hold a semi. You and I both know that decks are a top 10 issue on reports here.