Cap along foundation

Curious on any insight on this. Foundation is bowing on the inside, appears to be the older poured foundation (on one wall) with the 4-6" forms, but this is the exterior, popping off.

Potentially added at a later date to try and help with the bowing?

The rest of the foundation has about top two courses of concrete block with the rest appearing to have about a 4" parging coat over it, assuming also added to address deteriorated or bowing at another time?

Its a 1915 build. Now the bow is huge so it’ll be a foundation repair company for sure, but was sort of curious if anyone had any info or insight into some of these?

I apologize for not making this clear, I was trying to get this before a scheduled call.

The Photos with the exterior portions crumbling/flaking off are on the South foundation wall. This is inline with the bowing wall. This wall, to my eye appears to be an older poured foundation.

The West foundation wall is concrete block.

The North foundation wall is the one with the top couple courses being block, and the bottom rest appears to be parged over. I’m thinking as a possible remedy to a past bowing.

I will not make any assumptions in my report, I have enough to go on already with recommending a foundation repair company and contractor for some temp and improper posts, etc.

Was just hoping to see if any of you fine folks had some insight, or possibly guesses.


That’s different. I’ve occasionally seen a “curb” added to window wells to raise the grading against it, but that 4" thick wall is very different. Knowing how deep it goes might offer some insight, but let’s hypothesis that it goes to the foundation footer. It could be a lame and poorly informed attempt to retard water intrusion. Someone moved the window well liner to pour that wall.

That was my thought as well. Every time i’ve seen a wall similar to this (from the exterior), it appears adjacent to either a badly bowed foundation (inward), or adjacent to large moisture intrusion. The North facing wall, i’m also curious about and suspect its for movement, or water intrusion as well.

Yep, looks like a curb to redirect water gone horribly wrong.

Kinda looks like it may have been originally built on a crawlspace, then dug out with new foundation walls added??

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