Cap not secured to shower pipe

Idk if the photo will pop up but my cap that encloses the showers supply pipe at the point where it terminates from the wall isnt secured. My building maintenance guy says it’s fine. I’m confused isn’t this a moisture problem?

It is called an escutcheon plate. I will easily slide back in contact with the wall.

no it shouldn’t be a problem

If the shower head pipe is loose from the wall call that out.

Shouldn’t it be properly sealed though. The thing just keeps sliding off a bit. I mean that like massive amounts of moisture going behind the wall no?

If it bothers You, You can put some plumbers putty behind it or run a bead of caulk around it but that’s typically what they look like.

I have seen them secured in place with ZipTies and Vice Grips. :confused:


I have definitely learned something today. It’s good to know that’s not an issue. I would’ve totally called that out as a potential moisture problem. Thank you everyone :blush:

Vice grips are the way to go!


Shower head is below the penetration. How much water do you really think is getting in there?

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I just thought cause the amount of steam that could get behind it then turning back into a liquid might be enough to be an issue

Just push it back into place. Now if the pipe is loose, that is another issue.