Captain Michael "Scott" Speicher remains found

One of the hardest things for a family to deal with is the death of a loved one, even more so when that loved one is in the military and they are unaccounted for; such was the case with Captain Michael “Scott” Speicher.

Captain Speicher, while flying his F18 Hornet, was shot down on January 16, 1991 during the first Persian Gulf War. His status went from KIA to MIA / Captured which can and often is more heart wrenching for his loved ones.

Today the US Navy announced that his remains were positively dentified; they believe that he was killed as a result of the crash. His remains will be returned to his loved ones for proper burial.

It is refreshing to know that inspite of the the political turmoil that we all can find ourselves caught up with…that our military is always dedicated in not leaving our fine soldiers left behind nor the loved ones always wondering. While they are not always successful, one has to honor the commitment of those tasked with such pain staking jobs.

Welcome home Scott…

Yeah, I was shocked when I saw that this morning. I remember the anticipation early on in the 2nd Gulf War when there was hope that he would be found alive and a prisoner. Sadly, that wasn’t to be but it is really good that his remains have been found, identified and returned home for proper burial.

I’m just grateful that he wasn’t tortured by those savages, something I feared from day one.