Carbon Monoxide test

this video was NOT taken in the flue, this was in ambient air 3" from the flue pipe - where the flue fits into the collar of the stove.

Sorry for the poor lighting … I did not have enough hands to hold the co detector, camera and flashlight. :mrgreen:

What was going on visualy?
Second question is how you got the vid on here.

I am with Bob, Chris, how did you post that movie on here.

I know the camera takes videos, and I have photo bucket too, now thanks to you, so does all of this go together somehow. >???:):smiley:

Absolutely Marcel, I shot a short movie with the camera, downloaded it with the pictures I took uploaded them all to photobucket and pasted the link in the thread. I did nothing extraordinary … just copy and paste.

Bob That video was taken while running this coal stove. Arrow shows where the majority of the spillage was detected.

What your seeing is the amount of CO in the ambient air in real time. :shock:
Never had a reading like this in ambient space … hell never had a reading that high when I was performing a combustion analysis.

I stopped it at 500 ppm … I didn’t have to see t shoot up to 1000 ppm + to see the problem. Client shut the unit down right away, and was calling the installer and a chimney sweep asap.

reading 18 ft away as soon as I walked in the front door.

How often is it necessary to calibrate CO sensors?

Every 6 months

Thanks Chris, now I will have to try it. ha. ha.

Looks like they might have had a little spillage at the thimble too, from the looks of it.

Marcel :D:D

As well as at the name plate Marcel

As the manufacturer recommends.

Bacharach 6 months

Testo 1 year

Now Bacharach’s new Insight Combustion Meter is making calibration at the field level. You order a sensor replace the sensor and the electronics calibrates the sensor to the meter. New sensor comes with a calibration certificate. You ship the old sensor back to Bacharach. When my PCA-25 dies I would seriously think of getting this meter.

I am guessing there was some sort of gap in the flue at the back that was visible.

I got a call last week from a condo assoc. or building owner who wanted me to do CO testing of a condo that had the CO alarm go off every time the tenant fired up her oven. I suggested he call an appliance servicing contractor to inspect and adjust her appliance or I could come out for $150 and recommend an evaluation by an appliance servicing contractor. He got the hint.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I get calls like that for other systems and do the same.

No CO detector in the house?


Btw Does anyone use a UEI CO71A ? have you had it calibrated and how?
I will need to know this for the future.

Here’s a source for the operation manual.

I have a Scott-Bacharach Mini SA CO alarm that I carry not for testing but for safety. The kit came with a cylinder of reference CO for calibration testing.

very nice thank you!
actually i have a cylinder for calibration testing it was intended for home co detectors i think. i can try that,