Cardboard ROOF?

Hello everyone ,Another first time today seeing this strange and as a former roofer Cheap looking roofing material.Can anyone help me to properly identify this product and how long does it typically last?? Is this DURALITA ??

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Looks like fiberglass roofing panels to me.


possibly ondura

product life depends on climate conditions & maintenance


I know it’s not fiberglass is definitely a cardboard type panel .Just has a coating on it.

It had the cardboard type layers or layering to it sorry I didn’t get a pic of the back side of it.It’s installed on top of Shingles roof.

Thank You,I believe it is that Ondura type roofing material…

After further review, I think that is correct. Here’s another post with a good picture…


I bought this roofing material for my chicken coop 25 years ago still performing, the guy I bought it from told me its the same as the pizza hut roofs , sorry don’t know the name though

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Plastic-like coated material.
Age and/or lifespan is indeterminable.
You may be able to pull an OPRA report from the local Building Department to determine age and roofing material type.
Recommend the roof be evaluated by a qualified roofing contractor.

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