What is this material called?

Garage roof today. It seems to be a pressed type fiber. I don’t know what it is even though I have seen it before.



It is sold at Home Depot, I do not know the exact name of it and it is not on their website but it is a legit roofing product.

Is it not the corrugated fiberglass material that Home Depot has? I think this is what we are looking at, and this guy just used tar over it.Look at the nails with the rubber seal it looks like there is tar on the nails


It is called Ondura.


I have never seen this roofing material in Canada Home Depot.


Try Lowes’. I think they sell it as well. In fact I think Lowes has been selling it for many years. There is some bad press about it but if you search you will find many very satisfied customers who installed it themselves. Appears some of the bad press if from roofers. Imagine that! Ive actually thought of using it myself when I get ready to build my shop. It looks great and simple to install.

Thanks Doug!!

Lowe’s is just now making it’s way to Canada!!


IT CRAP!!! Oh,… Yes Ondura too. I have not seen it last more then 5 years out here. But I see alot of it at the Ocean so not sure if it holds up better in a dryer climate!

Is this the same Product or similar.?



It may be asbestos transite material that was painted prior to installation. If you scratch the tar off and the roofing material is gray, it may be asbestos and only a lab can verify that it is. I removed millions of square feet of transite roofing and siding.:shock:

I agree. Thanks Marcel I couldn’t remember the name of the crap (I mean roofing). I wanted to call it aljuline or something like that but knew it was wrong. Once you posted your Onduline link you refreshed my memory.

I believe CRAP is probably its real name.:roll:

It is Ondura and it is (like my first post said) crap. I wouldnt even use it on a shed. People see it in Lowes, or Home Depot and say “Look honey, it is even rated for residential applications” LETS TRY IT!!! People will do anything to save a buck.

Here is what it looks like after 5 years,… PVC coating flakes off, and the nails pop up from expansion and contraction of the panels,…


Eww ick. (ya, I know…)

Boy are things a little different down there, I would have concerns about the exposed nails and the end seam as in the picture, Up here in igloo country the nails would not last that long and water and ice would seep into that end seam easily. I am not trying to be rude so excuse me if this is the proper way to do it and enlighten my knowledge.

Seen this same crap about 6 weeks back on a cottage at Port Burwell only about 5 years old and it was done.Advised client to replace it as soon as possible.Nails loose,ends damaged and finish blistered.