Carpenter Ants???

Do you think this dust is carpenter ant debris. First pile in window sill, second one in the attic.

Check these pictures Buck;

Carpenter ant frass;

The hairs on their rear end are a dead give away that they are. Did you check?:mrgreen:


Ants in Kansas=



I did not see any insects or wood damage.

With carpenter ants you won’t. They hide real well inside the structures.
They access through gaps and cracks and kick out the frass through these access.
Remember, where there are carpenter ants there is also a moisture intrusion problem and that is why they are there.

Your picture of the sill, they are behind the siding and in the attic, they are in the insulation.

Here are a few pictures.

Roof edge that had leakage and no signs of ants.

Here, they were hiding behind the siding.

Carpenter ants don’t build, they make tunnels for homes. :):smiley:

Thanks! Marcel, there was a water intrusion problem at the window and under siding. You do not seek then every often in daylight, but you hear them at night.

Thanks again!

Nice pictures Marcel. Was that your crew doing the work?

Yes Ian.

Pictures taken on a Commercial building in Southern Maine and a house renovation in New Hampshire.:slight_smile:


Carpenter Ant sawdust will contain ant body parts. Yours looks too clean.


That is what I thought also, there was a lot of issues with this house, large piles of grass/straw in attic. See the Crazy Birds post. Wood rot, holes in the roof, etc. etc.


I did like the birds’ nest Buck.