Carrier date of manufacture

I’m drawing a blank on this one - Preston’s, the Technical Guide and any info I have in my library do not list this unit.

Carrier oil-fired 390C-048100 (Ser# HC4924008702).


Hi Bill,

Prestons list that model number as being a Bryant oil furnace current between 1982 and 1990. carrier do not make oil furnaces so I think they must have rebranded Bryant product.

Serial # suggests April 1992 however.



Thanks Gerry-

There was a remodel in the late 80's. I'll go with that estimate. I appreciate your help.

That S/N doesn’t match any info I have either. For Carrier, Bryant, and Payne I understand that more recently (around the last 20 yrs) they have used S/N’s with the first four numbers indicating week-year. So sometime in the 1980’s before they switched to the newer coding may be a good guess.

Try calling Carrier at 800-227-7437, and let us know if there is anything specific on dating the older furnace units.


Since the ser# pre-dates the info everyone seems to have, I’m going to estimate about 20 years old and refer to a Heating Contractor for a possible upgrade and estimate for remaining life. Thanks for your input -:slight_smile: -