Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training CD's

8 Dearborn Home Inspection training series DVD/CD’s including Roofing, Structure, Exterior, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps, and Insulation/Interiors.

I paid full price $500 and used these to train for and pass the Oregon State Exam.

Each CD contains dozens of real world inspection scenes, narrated by experienced, professional home inspectors. Uses clear photographs and computer enhancement, the CD’s present the nature of the defects illustrated and how best to handle them during an inspection.

These are $74.95 each on the website and $500 for the set.

Will let all 8 go for $250. email me at


Price reduced to $100 for all 8!!


OKay…wishing I would have seen this earlier…:frowning: