Carson Dunlop -Home Reference Book-

I have just begun taking the Carson Dunlop course and they seem to be pushing “The Home Reference Book” it costs over $80 shipped. Does anyone have any feeback? Is this book worth it, or even necessary?
I’m quite willing to buy it but I thought I might get other opinions on it first.



I have the Carson Dunlop Illustrated CD.

The only time I use these images is on this MB.

Thanks David,

Any experience with the Home Reference Book?

Sorry…never seen it.

I have one that was given to me by a friend.
Does have a lot of good information and the whole book stems towards a checklist style of Inspection that I don’t do, but does have very good info on what to check for.

I use it like a reference book. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel,

I’ll probably get it then…If I don’t like it, it’s on your head…just kidding. I appreciate the help.:slight_smile:


You are welcome Dave, and when you get a chance, edit your profile to show where you are from for the benifet of others so they can help better. :slight_smile:

That was my training Manuel so it is worth getting.
Lots of good basic material.

Wow! That’s great to know.


Lots of errors in it. Maybe they released a newer version.

Thanks Nick, I’ll what for them.

Nick, could you elaborate on the errors you indicate?:slight_smile:

Very True!

That what happens when the artist is not trained in code.

Errors or not the basic stuff is great for reference and got me out of many brain freeze moments when I started.
It follows a great systems and components format .

Not a end all H.I Bible, but certainly one of the best books out there to help a new guy.

if anyone finds the perfect book we can all stop asking so many damn questions here.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve recently retired (whoopee!) and I would quite happily sell some of my Carson Dunlop library at half price.

I have a copy of the Home Reference Book which the first taker can have for $30.00.

I also have a copy of The Illustrated Home which is going for $40.00.

Any takers? (You pay postage - from BC).

Like a good friend of mine from Toronto did, after he was done and had no more use for it, he gave it away to me and even paid for the postage.

Why don’t you consider doing the same for a friend in your area that is new to Inachi and just starting out. :):smiley:

Hi Dave I did the carson dulop course and it is very good at giving you a full understanding on how a house works and if you have all the course material you should have had a home reference book included.
I dont give these books away with a home inspection as it is to much info the average buyer or seller.
I use the discoverhorizon reporting system and it puts all the approprate drawings for you.
I give away to the client a binder from internachi and the home owners book also from internachi as this very simple for the client to understand then I insert the report at the front and it has been very well received by all.
If you need any help just give me a call or pm me.

Why don’t you give away the book that you were given? Half price seems a good deal to me.

I think Marcel was trying to pass on the good Karma he fondly remembers.:wink: