Cast iron drains

44 yr. old cast iron drain lines with a few areas of “seeps” and/or rusted/corroded areas. How would you comment?

Thanks in adavance.

Just a notation: “The visible portions of the drain pipes include an older cast-iron type, which are not as dependable as modern PVC drainpipes. They cannot be expected to last forever.”

If the main drain line to the street is also cast iron, I make a similar remark and include info about the possible high cost of replacement.

44 years sounds dependable to me.
That’s what oakum is for.:slight_smile:

State what you saw and recommend it be monitored or further evaluated. From my experience when there is is rust spots like that visible on the horz runs there is often build up of some sort on the inside.

When the wall thickness is that thin it seeps I generally just go ahead and poke my finger through and enlarge the hole and recommend replacement:D:D

LOL, Charley…:smiley:

They do rust from the inside out.

I take my hammer to it and check for a solid sound of the pipe.:smiley:

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Recommend budget for immediate Replacement . [/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Cast Iron showing sever determination and could Leak at any time … Roy[/size][/FONT]



The life span of a drainage pipe of cast iron is determined by the interior corrosion. In a project executed at KIMAB, Europe’s leading corrosion and metal research institute, the result shows that the pipes can have a significantly shorter life span than what was formerly believed. In general, it has been said that cast iron drainpipes have a life span of around 50 years. Jörgen Almqvist from KIMAB doesn’t agree.

“Based on my experience and statistics from the projects I have worked on, you can establish that cast iron pipes, or gray pipes, have a much shorter life span than that,” says Jörgen.

In the Study that KIMAB undertook, there could be up to 20 years’ difference in the life span of the pipes in the same building. The horizontal kitchen pipes had the shortest life span, and the pipe parts that survived best over time were the vertical bathroom pipes. An average life span of cast iron pipes is thus closer to 40 years, and the kitchen pipes were worn out already after 30 years. The study shows that the attack of corrosion varies greatly between different kinds of pipes and different parts of the same pipe. Among other things it was found that the vertical pipes in the kitchen were in much worse shape than the bathroom pipes. This was not only because the kitchen pipes experienced a higher frequency of rinsing, but also because a more agressive water passed through them, where pieces of food and fat create a build-up that can retain moisture and chlorides. The life span is therefore to a large extent dependent on how the pipes are used, both in terms of frequency and of what is rinsed down them.

“My recommendation is that when the drainpipes get close to 30 years old, they should be inspected and repairs should be considered instead of being forced to take severe measures when a leak occurs. Our results show that there is a large need for maintenance in the drainpipes of buildings from the 1960’s and 1970’s, that is those that were installed during the Million Program,” Jörgen concludes.

Yep, I see a lot of iron sewer pipe rust. Rust on the outside indicates even more rust on the inside. Don’t hit the pipes too hard. I see alot of PVC patched into older lines. This happens when owners replace some of the rusted pipes to get them not to leak in order to sell the home.

Rust, life is limited. Monitor, replace, document, done. Buyer decides. Roy is right. Any home that has iron sewer lines should always be scoped by a professional licensed plumber.

Its not a case of is it going to leak.
It is just a case of when is it going to leak .
I did a crawl space last year where the cast iron had been leaking for some Time .
I would not like the job of cleaning up the Poo toilet paper ect that was contaminating the sand floor .
I also would be nervous using any Hitting to test that could be the time to get sprayed with Not nice stuff.
Hope all have had their tetanus needle recently , I have

Don’t be too lax on how you word it, recommend replacement, as the plumber that comes in after you will.

And barbers recommend haircuts whether you need one or not.

Even the pyramids wear out, but when something is functioning and there is no evidence of an imminent problem, it’s not our job to say it needs immediate replacement. IMO.

I hope everyone is aware that cast iron is an accepted plumbing material often used in *new *homes and commercial buildings. It’s desirable in walls because of its sound deadening properties.

I hope everyone is aware that cast iron is an accepted plumbing material often used in *new *homes and commercial buildings. It’s desirable in walls because of its sound deadening properties.

Yes I looked

Thanks Joe did not know that… Roy

That’s why they make oakum…:slight_smile:

That was what they used the last time I saw a Plumber Pour lead and caulk the pipe about 1960 ~… Roy

Joe, you must be crazy. I have personally overseen the installation of 10s of 1000s of l.f. of c.i. DWV piping and I consider it to be FAR more reliable than anything else.

Sorry to disagree. I have yet to see a deteriorated PVC drain or vent. Article that I’ve read predict a 100 year life for PVC piping.

P.s. I don’t know what “i.f.” means.

linear feet.

The best DWV pipe in the world is made in Tyler, TX.

Seems to me it’s only a matter of time before the ‘seeps’ turn into what I saw yesterday… A few lines cracked open and possibly some small additional leaks around the corner. Can’t say for sure, didn’t bring my scuba gear!



How do you define “best”?