Cast iron piping

Inspected a 1957 home with cast iron pipe for drainage that had a build up of rust, looked like stalactites. No water leaks were observed. Is this pipe ready to be replaced? Maybe further evaluation by a licensed plumber? Any recommendations would be great?

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…recommend professional sewer line scope due to age of drain lines…

Observe, document, let the buyer decide.

The leaks were stopped temporarily by the build up and self healed.
The cast iron pipe should be replaced.

What leaks? I see zero evidence of any actual leaks. A pinhole that is not expelling any liquid is not a “leak” in the terms that you are indicating. Be specific so the OP will actually be helped.

Cast iron (typically) rusts/corrodes from the inside out. What you are seeing is the rust/corrosion finding it’s way to the exterior surface. It is at it’s final stage before total failure and should be replaced.

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Graphitic corrosion is selective leaching of iron from grey cast iron, where iron gets removed and graphite grains remain intact. Affected surfaces develop a layer of graphite, rust, and metallurgical impurities that may inhibit further leaching. The effect can be substantially reduced by alloying the cast iron with nickel.[1]](

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Replace the section and have the rest further examined by a (in Illinois) Licensed Plumber.

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